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Assante’s Pizza



Assante’s Pizza. My husband introduced me to this place when we were first dating. As a VCU student (at the time), he loved getting strombolis from here (and we still do).

4 Stars for Selection. This place has your typical pizza-subs-wings-strombolis. They have a good selection of italian-based foods as well as a variety of specialty pizzas that are very tasty. I wish they would have more of a variety of crusts, though. Maybe a deep dish?

5 Stars for Service. When you go into the Assante’s store, you see very little. A ramp as you first walk in, a bench to your left, and the register to your right. They make the atmosphere look like its a run-and-go place (and quite frankly, it is). They’re quick at making the pizzas and the pizzas come out delicious every time. As for delivery, they have a decent sized area and charge a minimum of $10 (which is not a bad amount) and then a $1.25 delivery charge for gas. They are always super fast & super friendly when they show up at our door.

5 Stars for Scrumptiousness. This pizza has always had something special in it for me. It’s not your normal pizza – the crust is doughy and good, the sauce is tangy, and the cheese is stringy. The essentials in a pizza! If you’re wondering about the strombolis, well, my husband is a huge fan and that’s all he ever gets there if he’s not sharing my pizza with me.

Be sure to check this place out! It’s very good and very quick.


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